In the 10 months since their spawning, Sydney’s DAEMON PYRE have made massive headway and are nowready to announce that they are heading to South East Asia! The band have just announced a headline tourof Indonesia, that will see them perform 7 shows across West Java, working with First Blast Records out ofJakarta. The ever growing Metal scene in Indonesia is colossal and the band are looking forward to bringing the noise with their Daemons Across South East Asia tour, from June 6th to June 16th!

It would seem that 2015 has become the Year of the Daemon!

Born in July, 2014, Daemon Pyre wasted no time releasing their self titled debut, with the album released on January 30, 2015. The album was met with acclaim from print and online media and across the Metal community at large.

Daemon Pyre have already become an easily recognisable name across the Australian Heavy Music landscape,thanks to regular touring and team-ups with the likes of well known Aussies like Hadal Maw, Eternal Rest,Ouroboros, Viscera, Voros, The Murdering, Red Bee, Witchgrinder and The Black Swamp. Desiring to reach the widest audiences possible and rejecting any genre borderline enforcement amongst the heavy music community, the band have also spent time sharing stages with well known Hardcore bands as well like Hand of Mercy, Elegist, I Exalt, The Strategem, Absolution, and A Night In Texas, proving that their brand of broad sweeping Death Metal holds something for all heavy music fans.

In addition, Daemon Pyre were selected to open for Aussie kings of Tech Death Psycroptic and USA’s Goatwhore in March, 2015 and on May 16th, 2015, played the opening slot for Euro Metal giants, The Haunted and Insomnium at their sold out Sydney show. Daemon Pyre have proven also to be a festival favourite, having played this years Metal Heart Festival alongside acts like Heaven The Axe, Segression, Tria Mera, Azrael and Down Royale as well as being announced for the upcoming Dead of Winter, Metal United Down Under Kyzer Soze, Decimatus, Envenomed as well as shows alongside Desecrator, Disentomb, Festivals & 2016’s Under The Southern Cross.


Saturday, June 6: Gor Wisata Kuliner (Jakarta)

Wednesday, June 10: Gondang Karang Reja (Purbalingga)

Thursday, June 11: Shima Arjoena Cafe (Tasikmalaya)

Friday, June 12: Beerhouse Lucky Square (Bandung)

Saturday, June 13: Gor Wisata Kuliner (Bekasi)

Tuesday, June 9: Elano Cafe (Purwokerto)

Sunday, June 14: GGM (Cianjur)

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