Skunkhour originated in the early 90’s when a golden age of Hip Hop was coinciding with an English led revival of classic Soul, Jazz and Funk from the late 60’s and 70’s.  In 1993 they released their game changing self titled album. The album came rooted in straight up soul funk combining the sinuous laid back groove of tracks like “Back To Basics“, “Free Man” and “Pullatickin’” with the party starting “Bootyfull” and the instant underground classic and live favourite, “Do You Like It?” . the album recently was included in Double J’s 50 Best Australian Albums of the 90s and now turns 25.

To mark this occasion the band have decided to take their seminal brand of mongrel funk rock back to the stage, featuring a horn section and special guests, playing their self titled debut album in full, followed by hits from their catalogue.

The Prince Bandroom, Melbourne 

Friday, November 23

A true fusion of Aussie indie ethos with the relatively unknown and unheralded genres of Hip Hop, Funk, and Soul. Other bands and artists such as The Rockmelons, Sound Unlimited Posse and Renee Geyer, had made a mark commercially in these areas separately, but no one had fused all these elements together successfully into one sound. A sound that was immediate, honest, raw, groove laden and yet still held a uniquely Australian perspective.

The band was Skunkhour and they are one of Oz music’s truly ground breaking musical groups


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