FAR AWAY STABLES have just dropped their impressive debut album BETWEEN RAGE AND SERENITY. The album has been a long time coming but is definitely worth the wait. To celebrate the release of their album we caught up with the guys to get a track by track rundown for more insight into the songs –

Track 1 – Caldera

Caldera was always destined to be the first track on the album. We wanted something that started with a bang, huge, heavy and anthemic. Once we started working on it, we knew it was what we wanted the first track on the album to sound like. Lyrically, it’s about manipulating your own anger for a positive purpose, as opposed to a negative purpose.


Track 2 – Crystallize

Crystallize is a song that’s been in the works for a while. We were even working on it over in the USA on the tour bus at times. It’s one of the faster paced songs on the album, a song that we didn’t want to let up for almost the entire duration. It is about the importance of being self reflective in more trying times.

Track 3 – Phantasm

Phantasm is a song that reached its full potential when it was taken into the studio to be recorded. The basic outline of the song was there, and something we were really excited about, but going into the studio and really trying to get the most out of the production on the song was really rewarding. The studio additions really added to the atmosphere of the song, and turned it into one of our favourite tracks off the album. It has since become a single and the music video is something that a lot of thought went into, and we are so happy with how it came out. Phantasm touches on the omnipresent, ghostly nature of ego, and the control it has over your actions.


Track 4 – Infinity Crisis

Infinity Crisis was a lot of fun to record in the studio. We really delved into the programming for this one, exploring more modern sounds, and we had a lot of fun in particular working on the last section of the song. Infinity Crisis is about ones relationship with mortality, and what it means to think of ones self in the form of being in a state of everything-ness and nothing-ness.

Track 5 – Sunshine

This song has gone through the most changes from the start of writing to being fully recorded. There was a lot of scrapping and rewriting parts, changing structures, etc, we were still making changes to the song in the rehearsal studio just a few days before going in to record it! It’s a lot of fun to play, with lots off riffing guitars and funky bass and drum sections. The song is about intimacy, and how big of an impact it can have on you from the a standpoint of fragility or empowerment.

Track 6 – Azalea

Azalea was a song that first started coming together when we had some time to kill during a weekend stay in another state whilst playing some shows during the nights. Musically the song is a bit of a rollercoaster, showcasing some of the loudest, heaviest sections on the album, as well as some very soft, ambient parts as well.
Lyrically, we wanted to explore a more typical theme, bipolar/depression, in a more unique way. We did this through the lens of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. In this, the main character traverses through the nine circles of Hell to find redemption, however we imagined a situation where it’s a cyclical process and not a redemptive one.

Track 7 – No Revolution

No Revolution was a song that seemed to write itself in a way. Musically, after writing the starting verse and first chorus, the rest of the song came very naturally. We also wanted a song that had a big riffing rock out section at the end, and we got that! No Revolution is a commentary on the stagnant state of modern revolution and how it’s become more of a fashion statement, and not something with real substance and depth.

Track 8 – Phase Shift

Phase Shift is another song we’ve had for a long time, initially starting out to be an acoustic song. Over time, while we were playing many shows and starting to write more demo tracks for the album, this particular song started to change in ways that more suited where we wanted to go in terms of genre, tone and the overall sound of the album. Phase shift is about the balance and maintaining of relationships and accepting responsibility for becoming physically and emotionally distant.

Track 9 – Paradise

Paradise is one of the last songs that came together for this album. It also came together a little differently than the other songs. Different sections of a few different demos we had were taken to form a new track, which after being worked on, became what we now know as Paradise. This song is about your dreams and desires, and the corrupting power that they can have over you.

Track 10 – Ambulophobia

This song came together through multiple sessions working on each section bit by bit, starting with a simple arpeggiated synth melody. We wanted a song that felt a bit more uplifting in comparison to the other tracks we already had, especially when it became set in stone that this was to be the last song on the album. We also spent more time on the drums and programming in this song. Ambulophobia is about the ailments that make it difficult to stay afloat from day to day resulting in feeling undeserving of successes and the brief spurts of inspiration the feeling can bring before sinking again. It touches on faux justification of poor choices and the need to feel in control whilst still requiring guidance.

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