San Diego melodic skate punks Castoff will release their new full-length ‘First Step To Recovery’ on February 10 via Bird Attack Records/Morning Wood Records, with a limited edition run of vinyl (100 pieces) and CD’s available for pre-order, starting on February 1.

The band will also be selling CD’s on their Florida tour with Jacksonville, FL’s Flag On Fire, which runs Jan 28 – Jan 31.

Influenced by bands like Bad Religion, Pennywise, Strung Out and Propagandhi, Castoff blends vocal harmonies, fast guitar riffing with technical flourishes and a furious rhythm section, along with thought provoking lyrics around societal issues and the ups and downs of human existence.

Driven by a persistent work ethic and common goal of progressing musically and playing as many shows as possible, Castoff is ready to become a mainstay in the melodic skatepunk scene.

The band has shared stages with such like-minded bands as Guttermouth, Implants, Counterpunch, After the Fall and others. Tours are currently being planned to support the new album.


In the spring of 2015, Castoff went into Doubletime studios to work with Jeff Forrest (Blink 182, Rocket From the Crypt, As I Lay Dying) to track and mix their first effort with the current lineup. The EP “Lines and Passages” was the result and was mastered by Jason Livermore at Blasting Room Studios. It was quickly picked up and released in early July on Bird Attack Records and Morning Wood Records. The continued to play shows through late Fall 2015 to support the release.

The band recently recorded and is preparing to release their first official full length album “First Step to Recover” on Bird Attack Records and Morning Wood Records. It was recorded and mixed by Patrick Burkholder (Wraths) at Screaming Leopard Studios and mastered by Daryl Phenneger at The Freq Zone Studio.

Word’s about Castoff’s Words about ‘Lines and Passages’:

“Six songs and just over fifteen minutes of classic California skatepunk, Lines and Passages is an absolute banger. Every track is packed full of energy, vocal hooks, hamonies, and some lovely guitar parts” – The Punk Archive

“Clear, melodic vocals with a socially conscious message? Check. Pounding snare drum, wicked palm mutes, and racing tempos? You bet! Well placed, technical guitar leads and pleasing back-up vocal harmonies? This EP’s got em.” –For the Love of Punk

castoff cover art
castoff fl tour flyer

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