NY-based alternative rock band Brookline have released their brand new EP “Fade,” out on all digital platforms NOW. Their most recent single “Sinking,” which was released on February 1st, sings an emotional narrative, touching upon themes of heartbreak and addiction. “Sinking” is perhaps the best representation of the EP as a whole; elements of hard rock and pop punk are meshed together in the track, creating a unique blend that hints at influences of 90’s alternative. The remaining EP tracks continue on a sentimental path, telling a full story centralized around the theme of toxicity. About the EP, the band states:
We wanted Fade to tell a story. We released Two Thirds in the fall to warm people up to our new sound and line up, but we wanted to take some time after that to really develop a concept behind our next release. in Mid december we finished writing the other 3 songs for the EP, Goodbye, Sinking, and Lucid, and felt like we had really accomplished our goal. Fade tells the story of becoming aware of your own self destructive and toxic traits and fighting to take back control of your life.


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