Texas-based four-piece, NOTHING MORE have unleashed the music video for their track, Here’s To The Heartache, the raw-emotional anthem off of their self-titled Eleven Seven Music debut album.

The album, fuelled by three hit singles, This is the Time (Ballast), Mr. MTV, and Jenny, each garnering Top 10 spots on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs Chart. It has sold 81,000 units in the US alone, and positioned NOTHING MORE as an indisputable force to be reckoned with.

This abstract, introspective glimpse into the passion, the despair, and the sentiment of relationships showcases NOTHING MORE as the ultimate authority of genuine, raw powerhouse alternative musicianship.

Watch Here’s To The Heartache here:

Directed by Josh Sobel, reunited with cinematographer Alex Bergman (who also worked on the band’s video for single, Jenny), edited by Ryan Ewing and Jonny Hawkins, and filmed in Los Angeles, let the romanticism of NOTHING MORE’s live delivery consume you. The track demonstrates the band’s unwavering ability to create hit after hit, experimenting with different tempos and atmospheres along the way.

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