Today the premiere of the brand-new music video for “The Fire” from on-the-rise hard rock act Evol Walks. Originally from Australia, and now based in Los Angeles, the explosive five-piece is lead by frontwoman Leah Martin-Brown and features lead guitarist Dre DiMura, rhythm guitarist Logan Nikolic, bassist Eliot Lorango and drummer Jimmy Lee who are influenced by bands like AC/DC, Monster Magnet, The Pretty Reckless and Black Sabbath. 

Of the catchy new track, Martin-Brown tells Alternative Press: “I had been listening to a lot of bluesy rock and I really wanted to write something in that vein. When coming up with the lyrics I decided to have a bit of fun with it and write from the perspective of the “evil” woman described in a lot of the classics. The one who will happily play with your emotions and watch you suffer. ‘The Fire’ is meant to be a modern response to tracks like ‘Soul Stealer’ by AC/DC or ‘Sorrow’ by David Bowie, ‘Devil Woman’ by Cliff Richard etc. I really wanted to write something from that perspective, kind of owning the character and showing that maybe it isn’t such a terrible thing to be a bad girl.”

“The Fire” is featured on Evol Walks new EP, “Our Time Is Now,” released on January 18th.Named by Triple M Australia as one of the Top 4 Best Up and Coming Rock Acts and managed by the same firm as Ghost, Mastodon and Slayer, expect more from this act very soon including new music and tour dates

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