Melbourne four piece MY SECRET CIRCUS (MSC) breath life back into rock and metal with the release of their new controversial single ‘No Cigar’, which is turning heads and gathering fans world-wide.

It’s been a crazy two years for MSC, the band is constantly learning and growing. All members of the band have come from various sections of the Melbourne music scene and have a strong history with many well-known local bands. Realising their shared ambition, the boys decided to join forces and take their passion to the next level.

No Cigar sends a positive message about fighting the battles and getting through the ups and downs of this tough industry.

“You do all this hard work for so long and you find somebody tying you down with broken promises and dictating what you can and cannot do..No Cigar is a bit of a F**k You to those people” explains the band’s front man, Daniel Marazita

Buy ‘’No Cigar’’ here:


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