For the uninitiated Monster Truck are a Canadian hard rock band full of bluesy swagger.Sittin’ Heavy is their second album and is a solid continuation on from the Juno award nominated first album Furiosity.
From the opening track “why are you not rocking?” you won’t be able to stop your foot from tapping and will be reaching for a cold beer.

This album transports you to a gritty biker bar somewhere in the Southern states of USA. The first song could easily translate into any Sons Of Anarchy episode or a bar room brawl scene from a Hollywood action movie.

Next up is “don’t tell me how to live” which is a riff heavy anthem giving a nod to their classic rock influences. The song is full of groove and is a big middle finger in the air to anyone who would try and change them. The song has got live crowd pleaser written all over it.

“For the people” is full of country twang and shows the bands diverse influences shining through. Don’t be surprised if by the end of the song you’re suddenly wearing a flannel, a straw hat and singing along to every word.

A huge highlight comes from the infectious hard rocking groove track “the enforcer”. This song demands attention and I’m sure during NHL season this song will be heard in ice rinks all across America and Canada. If mainstream rock radio get their hands on this track who knows how huge Monster Truck may become.

Whilst Monster Truck are known for their energetic heavy rock tracks they also have stand out slower moments. This is evident in “black forest” and “enjoy the time”. These songs display vocalist Jon Harvey’s soaring vocals through honest reflective lyrics. Helping with the flow of the album and will give the crowd a chance to catch their breath when played live.

Overall Sittin’ Heavy proves that there’s no evidence at all here of a second album slump. Monster Truck have just gone from strength to strength.

While these long haired, denim clad Canadian’s may not be treading new ground musically they carry the torch from their rock forefathers and carry it high. This album will cement their place amongst many rock festivals and headline dates worldwide.

So if you’ve been with the band since the beginning or are just hearing about them now we recommend you check out Sittin’ Heavy and catch Monster truck when they roll past your town.

Monster Truck

Sittin’ Heavy Track Listing:
01. Why Are You Not Rocking?
02. Don’t Tell Me How to Live
03. She’s A Witch
04. For The People
05. Black Forest
06. Another Man’s Shoes
07. Things Get Better
08. The Enforcer
09. To The Flame
10. New Soul
11. Enjoy The Time

SCORE – 7/10

For fans of – 70’s influenced rock with a modern edge

(review by Christian Ross)

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