The Dark Horde is Melbourne’s latest supergroup comprised of internationally recognised musicians, vocalists and actors who recently announced their upcoming debut album ‘The Calling‘, due for release on October 22, 2021. After introducing their captivating blend of music and storytelling to the heavy music scene, The Dark Horde resurge with their latest number ‘Victim‘.  Quite the change in direction, this powerful track explores the aforementioned metal elements more than the iconic War Of The World’s style narration. Showcasing relentless guitar riffs, prevailing lead vocals and a euphonious melody, ‘Victim’ demands the listeners attention and warrants repeat listens!  

Concept-creator and lyricist Brewin speaks of the release “Victim is the fourth track from The Calling album and the third single. Musically and by design, I think of it as the purest ‘heavy metal’ track on the album, and it is the only track that does not include narration. Here we have Danny’s stunning vocals underpinned by classic and unrelenting riffage and melody by Hanny and Logan. Together these elements convey the mood and story of the track – capturing the angst, torment and fear of Henry, the main character.”

After the successful release of the first two singles ‘Mask‘ and ‘Childhood’, The Dark Horde have proven themselves an outstanding example of merging musical and storytelling elements. With an upcoming album ‘The Calling‘ and the release of Victim’The Dark Horde is on the trajectory to become a well-known name among heavy metal fans who enjoy immersive narratives!

‘Victim’ is Out Now on all major distribution platforms via

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