Oklahoma metal band Lost Empires will release their new EP, ‘Death: the Unveiling of Eternity,’ on September 30.

Guitarist Brad Blanco explains, “This EP took a long time to make, and at times we didn’t even think we’d get it out. After setback after setback we’re extremely proud to offer Death, the Unveiling of Eternity.”

Pre-order bundles are available here.

Created in 2011, Lost Empires have dedicated their craft to creating metal that speaks to those who are searching for something more in heavy music.

Tour Dates:

10/1 Bloomington, IL @ Meltdown Creative Works

10/2 Chicago, IL @ Quenchers

10/3 Kalamazoo, MI @ Louie’s

10/4 Pittsburgh, PA @ Howlers

10/6 Cincinnati, OH @ Rakes End

10/7 Louisville, KY

10/8 Nashville, TN @ Spring water

10/9 Memphis, TN & Hi Tone Back Room

lost empires cover with release date

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