The Mean Times second EP, Raw Prawn encapsulates not only raw seafood, but raw rock and roll, raw power, and raw emotion! It’s a rollicking 5-track adventure through indie rock, power pop, punk rock and soul. Gone are the everyday observations and anecdotes of previous releases and in are personal feelings and musings on approaching mid-life and having to adult. It’s teenage angst for people in the mid-late-30s. Whoa, heavy, man.

Musically the band has seen a shift from the synth power pop leanings of their debut EP, You’ve Got the Wrong Guys, towards a more mature sound introducing multi-layered guitars, horns and strings. The Mean Times pushed themselves during the making of Raw Prawn to finally find ‘their’ sound.

It’s an aggressive, emotive, mixed bag of songs that for some reason are different, but still sound the same. Lo-fi at times, but not to the extent that it’s overwhelming. It’s raw yet polished; live yet not live; weird, yet digestible; punk yet pop. It’s real and concise. It’s definitely not on trend, but it’s The Mean Times and they’re only cool unto themselves. They write good songs for music lovers, not slow jams for pool party posers.



12th April – Bombay Rock, Brunswick (Melbourne)
* EP Launch ( poster can be found here)
<<<<MORE TBC>>>>

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