Life Pilot are 5 friends from Adelaide, South Australia who play music together – and evidently, they live together… in what seems like a fairly unorthodox share-house, if their latest filmclip for new single Dark, Dark, Goose is to be believed! Look, their living arrangements and ability to not agree on whose turn it is to take the bins out may be fairly chaotic to say the least, but hey… they definitely succeed in their mission in life – write heavy angry fast songs and not conform to any trends or bullshit.

The clip for the song shows the quirkiness of the outfit and their living arrangements – and gets weird, REAL quick. Drummer Eli Green spoke about the clip and the idea that forged the final product. “The idea behind the clip was purely to do something lighthearted and funny. We were tired of seeing so many bands doing the same kind of video, we wanted to change it up. The drive of the song lent itself to a video tone that was a little more upbeat and less ‘serious’. We loved the idea of the band in a housemate scenario, all arguing over responsibilities and eventually breaking down into an all out screaming match. The clip focuses on the dream that Will, the laziest housemate of all, has while the band debates whose turn it is to take out the bins. In it, he finds himself as a nonsensical hero, a lord of the Bin if you will, travelling across the land in search of a place to park his bin and lay down a sick riff.

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