Liberties are today rolling out their latest slice of Novacastrian hardcore – the second single from their forthcoming EP Broken. The EP is out on April 5 and is available to Pre-Order now at!

The Novacastrian crew’s guitarist, Ciaran Colgan expanded on the new track’s meaning and intent. “Are You OK is a song about feeling alone, even though sometimes we can see the reasons we are in these states and we may be able to see the way out, we would rather ignore the issue and talk them down as we feel too embarrassed or too proud to deal with what is in front of us. This song is about how these issues in our lives impact us and even though it is hard and we feel like giving up at times, we are always the one who can turn it around for ourselves.

Liberties’ first single from the EP, ‘Crooked States’, is out now and new track ‘Are You OK?” is out this Friday March 29. Pre-orders for the Broken EP are available now at – which will be released on Friday April 5!

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