Letlive. has shared Another Offensive Song – a track which serves as letlive.’s firm political platform at the heart of their new album, If I’m The Devil… out June 10 on Epitaph. You can check out the song at Rolling Stone Australia. Additionally, letlive. will host an art show release party at Lethal Amounts in Los Angeles, CA on June 10 featuring art work from Daniel P. Carter, Hannah Pixie Sykes, Jason Link, and more. Proceeds from each piece sold will be donated to charity.

If If I’m The Devil… necessitates a genre, Butler would posit “revolutionary counterculture music” – a punk rock Run the Jewels, a more emotional Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy with more inclusive politics. Butler grew up as a skater disillusioned with what he saw as a heteronormative, patriarchal punk rock scene until the older kids showed him black artists such as Bad Brains,Living Colour and Fishbone. “Punk rock is inclusive if you want to be included,” Butler states, recognizing how letlive. can speak for people who feel they lack representation.

Ultimately, letlive. is a band that refuses to be constrained by the ideas of “scene” – whether letlive.is punk, metalcore, indie, rap, whatever, Butler finds these labels to be another form of systematic oppression. Growing up with with Black Flag and Circle Jerks as well as 2Pacalypse and Xzibit’s At the Speed of Life – it’s all revolutionary counterculture music to him. “Punk is more an ideology than a scene dictated by what pants you wear. What are you saying, what do you believe in? That’s to me a better identifier.”

Pre-orders for If I’m the Devil… are available at http://smarturl.it/IfImTheDevilAus

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