The first L7 album in 20 years, Scatter the Rats embodies everything that made the band so iconic in the first place – the distortion-heavy riffs and head-banging rhythms, sludgy grooves and indelible melodies. And in their lyrics, L7 achieve a direct transmission of raw feeling, often spiked with biting commentary on the chaos of the world today. 

Having toured the world to massive sold-out crowds, L7 are now augmenting their live set with their tonally eclectic new material. “Some of it’s dark, some of it’s funny, some of it’s ‘f*ck you,’ but you can rock to all of it,” Plakas says of Scatter the Rats, available May 3rd on Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records.
“I think it’s good for people to enjoy a meat-and-potatoes rock band for a change,” says Sparks. “We’re not rocket science, we’re rock & roll. And there’s value to that, and we do it pretty well. So if you want to rock, come on back to L7.”  

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