I Prevail have shared a brand new emotional video for their single “Hurricane” from their second full-length Trauma. The album was released last week on March 29 is available now in physical and digital formats here.

The introspective/retrospective video for the single is put together from the band’s own footage and memories – told from the perspective of clean singer Brian Burkheiser, chronicling their voyage in the music industry, from meeting to recording their now-viral Taylor Swift cover, to their bus burning to the ground while on tour, to topping the charts, to Brian’s vocal cord surgery, to losing friends to suicide, to putting their all into this new album Trauma. The video begins with “It All Started with a Dream…” and takes the viewer from there.

Trauma represents a moment of triumph in the wake of a series of trials and tribulations endured by the Michigan quartet—Brian Burkheiser [clean vocals], Eric Vanlerberghe [harsh vocals], Steve Menoian [lead guitar], and Dylan Bowman [rhythm guitar]. Even as they catapulted towards mainstream notoriety with 2016’s breakout Lifelines, they faced unforeseen hardship that might’ve broken any other band. Burkheiser dealt with a debilitating vocal injury that jeopardized his future as a singer. He made it through, but dealt with the aftershocks of stress and anxiety. Conflicted with thoughts of potentially leaving the band, he made a decision. He got together with his band brothers in 2018 and they decided to craft the record they wanted to hear without outside input. Joined by producer Tyler Smith [Falling In Reverse], they emerged from 10 months in the studio with Trauma.

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