With the imminent release of The Gooch Palms’ sophomore album, ‘Introverted Extroverts and an Australian tour with Violent Soho on the horizon, the cheeky punks have graced us with their second single, “Ask Me Why,” which premiered last night on Triple J, and it’s everything you’d expect from the duo, plus more; effortlessly anthemic, gritty and blisteringly fun.

Check it out as The Gooch Palms take you through I to S of Introverted Extroverts:
I to S of Introverted Extroverts

It’s us, your friendly neighbourhood, Gooch Palms! Check this out… In the middle of 2015 during a big fat American tour we took two weeks off in butt-fuck-nowhere Michigan, aka Benton Harbour to record our second album Introverted Extroverts with an amazing guy, Bill Skibbe (of The Kills, Jacuzzi Boys, Protomartyr fame). And to 100% toot our own horn, it turned out AMAZING! Thanks Bill!

Not knowing what we were going to do with this red-hot new record, we reluctantly shopped it around to a couple of labels who were either uninterested or not the right fit for us, or both. So we tossed up the idea of releasing it ourselves.

Touring constantly for all of 2015 had meant we had enough money to start our own label and we were pretty shocked to hear the horror stories of bands struggling with the labels they were on.

Really, what was most appealing about the idea was the fact that we would have complete control over our own destiny and if anyone screwed it up, it would be on our heads. Plus, on the flip side, if we succeeded we could take all the glory and of course, riches!!!!

Ok, so we’re not just blabbering on about the idea of doing it, starting our very own, proper record label is exactly what we decided to do.

Voilà… Summer Camp Records was born!

Exciting stuff guys!!! We are now sitting on the brand new album ahead of the release and have also reissued our entire back catalogue. So come June 15, we are READY TO GO!!!

Right now we’re at home in Los Angeles after moving here last year,

Thinking back to the two weeks we spent in the studio.

Everyday was a new adventure. There were cute dogs that couldn’t understand our Aussie accents, 100 coffees a day, beach walks on Lake Michigan, watching YouTube clips of folks high on bath salts, a groundhog, a room in the studio made of tree bark, food poisoning (our fault), long days and many late nights, which would end in us falling asleep to Bill Nye The Science Guy on Netflix in bed.

Determined to make the most of our time in the studio we avoided booze and focused harder then ever before. It was pretty much the opposite of touring! But it was one of the best experiences we’ve had as a band.

Experimenting with different amps and sounds was super fun and we incorporated a few different ideas into the songs, but essentially kept it pretty “Gooch Palms” in the end.

Xylophones were not used on this album, but Triangles were. You can hear the dings if you listen carefully!!! But let’s go back further to when we wrote this bad boy… Back to a little place we like to refer to as THE GREATEST CITY IN THE WORLD… Newcastle, Australia.

The inspiration for the album came from the usual for us, our surroundings. Hey, if you lived in Newcastle, you’d write every lyric about it too!!!

Really, it’s great. But it also goes a bit deeper on this album. You get a sneak-peek into what it’s like to be a “Gooch Palm”.

Over the course of the past few years, since releasing Novo’s in 2013, we’ve been writing songs and compiling a new album and when we looked back at what we’d written the songs about, we realised that most of the subject matter either dealt with how we were fun loving party animals or completely isolated freaks who hated the outside world, even though it we were living in Newcastle!!!

Very few people know that we are introverted weirdos a lot of the time. But it’s true.

Ergo, we gave the album that theme and named it accordingly!

Releasing this album has been a big emotional process and now it’s finally time for people, who aren’t our parents, to hear it and we are so friggin’ excited.

To sum it up in a nutshell, it is the catchiest album you’ll ever hear in your whole entire life and love it or hate it, you’ll have these songs stuck in your head forever and ever. That’s a promise!

So that’s the story from to of Introverted Extroverts!


And thanks for listening to us ramble on!  – Gooch Palms Xo

Introverted Extroverts, is out June 15th via The Gooch Palms’ brand new label, Summer Camp Recordson limited edition clear vinyl, CD and digitally, it’s available for pre-order now. They return to Australia this May for’s completely SOLD OUT “Waco” tour.

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