Melbourne based Going Swimming will self release their debut album, Deadtime Stories on September 25, it’ll be available digitally and on vinyl. The band have shared opening cut, ‘Them Shakes‘ which you can stream here.

Deadtime Stories unfurls like a punk rock version of a Goosebumps novel, lifted with the air of uncertainty, whilst confusing the steps of adulthood. Leggatt’s raw howling vocal, equal parts longing and hopeful, carries through with damning drums and surf-rock guitar solos.

The 11 tracks capture Going Swimming’s carefree chaos; yet never collapse into all-out shambles. Opening cut, ‘Them Shakes’ is a anxiety riddled surf-beat track which laments their affinity to gutter-loving muses of Black Lips, Guantanamo Baywatch and the like.

While tracks like southern sounding rock ‘n’ roll heaters, “Your Sister” and “RCB” materialize into howling surf-rock sock hops; reverbed guitars, bass and drums fold in upon each other like cresting waves at Malibu.

These ingredients carry through into the instrumental ‘Yoko, Oh No’. ‘Together (To-Get-Her)” is a bonafide tale of romantic debauchery, while ‘Hooligan’ and ‘Cosmonauts and Crosses’ ends the album on a note of weary, but insistent defiance.

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