One of Australia’s most prominent up and coming acts, Glass Ocean have released a stunning video for their brand new single, Voyage. The track comes from their debut album, The Remnants of Losing Yourself in Someone Else which will be released on August 21. Voyage was co-written with founding Glass Ocean member and current
Northlane drummer, Nic Pettersen.

Vocalist, Tobias Atkins says of the track; “For selfish and foolish reasons we can lead ourselves down paths with serious consequences. Under the guise of a virtuous pursuit or belief, we try defy nature herself to bend the rules of reality to our ideology. The repercussion for doing so can result in something catastrophic or traumatic. Something you may never come back from. Something you could of avoided if you had only listened to a voice on the wind that cared deeply about your wellbeing. Sacrifice yourself and your view of the world, if it means you will lead a better life

The album is available for pre order now!

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