Well Splendour in the grass may of come and gone for another year but it’s not quite the end since some of the artist still have sideshows across the country. On a cold winters night in Sydney things were about to heat up as Tove Lo was playing a sold out show at the Metro Theatre. After seeing the huge crowd of people waiting to get in the venue and being familiar with Tove Lo’s tracks I knew this would be a night to remember.
First up on stage were Sydney based indie-pop rockers Tiger Town who were a perfect fit as support. They managed to keep the crowd entertainment easily with the majority of the venue quite full to watch them. Their current single “Warriors” went over really well which I’m sure would be added to many of the crowds spotify playlists. The audience also responded warmly to the band covering Michael Jackson’s “Wanna be starting something”.
After a short break the crowd began to grow to capacity as the excitement of Tove Lo’s arrival on stage reached fever pitch as she burst onto stage. She would start out her set with “True Disaster” which set the tone for the entire night. You almost forgot you were in the metro and felt you were transported to Splendour in The Grass with the entire crowd dancing and singing along. Tove Lo was absolutely captivating she was accompanied by a live band onstage but it was hard to take your eyes off the Swedish goddess.  
She would then follow it up with the title track from her newest album “Lady wood”.
The excitement of the crowd didn’t waver the entire night. In a word you could describe the show as sexual. This was evident by her going topless for a moment during the song “Talking Body” with then female members of the crowd going topless in appreciation displaying the power of her music with every one in the room getting lost in her songs.  A beautiful moment came from when she played “Imaginary Friend” in solo mode just her and a piano. Which showed her more vulnerable side and reminded us that for all of her sexuality and energy it’s her amazing voice that is truly something to behold live. Tove Lo looked genuinely excited to be onstage, smiling and even covering the audience in glitter at one stage.  
Towards the end of her set she would tell the crowd she was about to play a song from her favourite Australian producer. Then kicking straight into “Say It” by the hugely popular Flume who she collaborated with for the track. This song got a huge response from the crowd and had the whole place dancing. You knew this was not the end of night though because she hadn’t yet played a couple of huge crowd favourites. When she began “Cool Girl” I’m pretty sure they would of heard everyone singing along outside of the venue. Their was no denying this song was infectiously catchy pop perfection and got me thinking how could she top the vibe of that. Well top it she did closing out the night with her huge hit song “Habits (Stay High)”. Words can’t describe how well this song went over live she really did have every one leaving the night on a high.
Surprisingly this was Tove Lo’s first ever headline show in Sydney. After seeing the smiles and excitement from Tove I have a feeling Sydney Australia will be high on the list for return visits. When it comes to Tove Lo after seeing her live there’s really no denying she’s a cool girl who will leave you with lady wood.    

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