Its a friday night in Sydney but you would be forgiven for thinking you were in some other place in time asThe Oxford art Factory has swollen right up with punters eagerly awaiting night of full blown jumping jiving rockabilly goodness. To theme things out the OAF even had a model in a cube looking like she was getting ready and dolled up for a rocking big night out in 1960. The crowd would wear Hawaiian and greaser shirts the lady’s would have their hair looking fabulous and their dresses were straight out of another time period.

The Reverend and his band came out looking nothing short of slick as they commanded the stage rocking about with their instruments getting back to back on some tracks rocking up on the speakers for others they made the whole things look effortless on there part.Down on the dance floor things were different it took only a few tracks in before the crowd felt the rhythm of the beat took over arms became unfolded and the swing dancing began. Tracks like Psychobilly Freakout, Zombie Dumb, Girl in Blue, The Devil’s Chasing Me and Jimbo Song were just a few select high lights of the set list but i think during the encore on the Smell of Gasoline is where things went real wild as the Rev swapped out his guitar for a Bass and amazed us with his musical stylings.

There is nothing quite like A rockabilly gig with the hair and the pageantry plus the double bass along the rhythm guitar and all of the non stop swing dancing it all really just adds up to a down right good time and fun to be had by all. You would haft to be the most lifeless person of all time to attend this gig and not have a really good time.

Review – Chad

Gallery – Christian Ross


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