It is Saturday in ole Sydney town the Swans are playing the SCG and winning but next door to that at the Horden is where the real action is as for Hard rockers Stone Sour are in town touring Australia in support of the new album release Hydrograd.
I arrive shortly before they are due to start run into some old friends, concerts are good it that way you run into to people you haven’t seen in a while but that don’t matter because it is the music that brings you back together. We usher ourselves in, the Horden is dark the stage is set the place is full I make my way towards the front of stage a backing tape finishes and boom the band explode on to the stage opening things up with Taipei Person/Allah Tea taken from the new album Hydrograd it is an instant connect with the fans in the audience as the chorus is sung back they followed this with my personal favourite Stone Sour track Made of Scars. 
Tonight’s setlist I think was everything a Stone sour fan could ever have hoped for with tracks taken from there entire back catalogue singing along to 30/30-150 felt great, moshing to Blotter and Get inside as they were played back to back watching Corey up there alone playing an acoustic version of Brother just moved us all, oh and the surprise inclusion of Rose Red Violent Blue was a real live music treat. Things got so crazy when they played the big new track Song #3 that the pit had to be stopped as we observed the number one rule of the  pit which is if one of us fall then pick them back up not just a metaphor for the mosh pit etiquette but one for life in general. 
After the mosh stoppage things came to a close with the huge hit Through Glass it was intense to say the least, they exit stage right and we play the encore game and sure enough as we wait and chant they run back on and the back drop changes to the new album cover with two crazy whacky inflatable men and then the opening vocal lines of ‘Gone Sovereign’ rang out crystal clear but it wouldn’t be the whole song they would rock us twice more once with Absolute Zero and then in a big finale finish and I guess to help some up how we all felt about the night they played Fabuless
Front man Corey Taylor energy was abundant tonight as he would move around the stage feeding off the crowds energy who were hungry for everything Stone Sour had to give us, he even used a confetti launching gun on top of all the other lighting and staging effects that looked simply magnificent and made for one all of a show. Stone Sour’s musicianship is tight and inside the walls of our beloved Horden it just sounded loud and heavy the way I like it, you could really tell they meant it when they said that the crowd tonight was sensational and they love playing for Sydney I even noticed member’s from local band Tonight Alive in the audience watching on.
Stone Sour no doubt bought the rock to Sydney playing one heck of a show from start to finish these guys simply put rocked it tonight !!!!
Review Chad Heard 
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