I must admit I have never been to any of the twilight at Taronga concerts so when the opportunity came up to see my high school crush Ella Hooper reunite with brother Jesse to perform Killing Heidi songs I was like let’s do this.

This is no ordinary concert going experience from getting there by ferry too the venue in itself this is something you can only experience in a city as beautiful as ours and it is something I encourage everyone to experience in life in fact put it on your bucket list. Inclusive in the price of admission is a ferry ride from Circular Quay (which I highly recommended) and if you are up for it exploration of the magnificent Taronga Zoo creates a whole experience you won’t soon forget.

From the moment you walk in things feel fantastic from the friendly staff on hand to your walk to the concert stage it is all part of a magical experience and as I sit at the bar watching the sun set I can not help but feel something special inside.

Killing Heidi may have not been around for quite a few years now but their insanely successful debut album Reflector is regarded amongst one of Australia’s top rock albums. When they step out on stage my High School boy inside yelps, Ella looks fantastic but how did they sound now musically after all these years ? Let me tell you they have lost none of their appeal tracks Mascara, Live With Out It and the Unearthed winning Kettle sounded just as great as they did back in the day, the ambience of the Zoo only adding to the whole sound. In the end it was the smash hit Weir that came across best and got the people moving. Ella made a comment on how amazing it is to be back after all these years and I agree it has been way too long between drinks but Killing Heidi are back and I for one am glad, what a night!

As the twilight sets in an the birds call there is a sense of something special in the air which only increases as the stage lighting takes a greater effect. When the set comes to a close I look out over the hundreds of people in attendance all spread on picnic blanket enjoying their cheese and wine and wish the night would never end it was truly a magical experience I will remember for the rest of my life especially the ferry ride over, Sydney really is a beautiful city.  

Review – Chad

Photo Gallery – Christian Ross

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