To say I am excited to be here tonight at The Factory Theatre in Sydney would be putting it mildly. Last year I heard a little track called Blank Space on Pop Goes Punk 6 and I fell in love, it could possibly be my number one song played on my Spotify last year. Then ‘I Prevail’ dropped their album ‘Lifelines’ and I once again had set a record on my Spotify for most listens and it even made the SCENEzine Top Ten Albums from last year. So, you can see I am more than super excited to be in the venue tonight hearing these tracks for the first time live and since it’s just one of two SOLD OUT shows in Sydney, clearly I am not the only one whom feels this way.

The Factory floor is packed, the whole place is abuzz with excitement as we eagerly await tonight’s main act. Adorning the stage is a simple backdrop. There are folks everywhere with merch on, it seems ‘I Prevail’ is the hottest name in scene fashion right now. Before anything even gets going the crowd gets screaming and that was just at stage check, can’t wait until the show begins.

Alright, the time has come and there is no fucking around. As the cd track fades out the stage goes black, the volume goes up, and the roar of the crowd begins. Sirens howl and a spooky type of guitar sound adds to the effect with search lights and then it begins, the track we get is Come and Get It.

God dam it! Fuck these guys are impressive. From the start their sound is tight, the mix of dual vocalist and guitar just create a mean sound. These guys just have it down, its impossible not to be amped up and have a good time at this show, I think The Factories’ roof is going to be blown off. Its only early in the set and this is the first time down under, but a shoe is chucked on stage and vocalist Richard “Eric” Vanlerberghe knows what this strange Australian custom means and for the first time in a long time I see an American do ‘a shoey’.

One of the great things about seeing a band as awesome as ‘I Prevail’ so early in their career is if like me, you know and love every song, then chances are you are going to get to hear every song you know and love so let’s clear things up straight away, yes every song had a mosh, every song was well received and loved by the crowd, and every single song sounded awesome live so here are a few highlights. As for every fucking song was exceptional but some honourable mentions go to Stuck in Your Head and Already Dead. One of the most unique things I have ever seen had to be when Unclean vocalist Richard “Eric” Vanlerberghe decided to bring four lucky fans on stage as he roasted the band members one by one. In particular, he gave it to the guitarist which led not only to some funny moments, but as the roasting and the dialogue unfold we get a few tracks mashed up, Avril’s Complicated, Puddle of Muds, She Hates Me and Drowning Pool’s, Bodies. Now all this built into the best cover song I’ve ever heard, and perhaps one they are best known for, and when their cover of Taylor Swifts’ Blank Space went off, even I was in the mosh for it.

Wow what a freaking show! Can’t believe we are headed towards its end, fuck man some things you just don’t want to. So, after Face Your Demons, they announced it’s their last song and played us out with Lifelines. Of Course, this wouldn’t be enough to satisfy the crowd and the ‘one more song’ chant practically began before the songs end. Wasting no time in heading back out, the band thank us and praise us for being one of the best shows. They finish it all off with, Worst Part of Me and Scars.

All I can simply say is tonight ‘I Prevail’ showed us what a fucking great show is and what a great band they are. From here on out I expect the venues will only grow for them, so to see them in a place like The Factory absolutely ruled, and the band themselves FUCKING OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!

Review – Chad

Photos – Christian Ross




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