The sign above the entry door at the Oxford Art Factory reads ‘Tonight Amy Shark Sold Out’. They aren’t just saying that as I make my entry into the venue for night two of Amy’s three night sold out run at the OAF for her Night Thinker Tour. I stand shoulder to shoulder with my stylish Sydney-sider cohorts feeling the Friday night merriment abound as we all eagerly anticipate what is sure to be a magical performance from the Brisbane songstress.
Amy takes to the stage in her signature look – Adidas jacket, denim jeans and her hair up. She greets the crowd and we greet her right back with a loud cheer and then as she starts to sing the crowd falls silent. As her voice penetrates the air we are just so captivated by her, it is enough to Drive You Mad.
Amy herself is a guitarist and wastes no time in showing us her skills, along with her drummer and bassist, as we all begin to sing along with Home. Admittedly, last night’s show was just a warm up and Friday is where it’s at. Amy told us the meaning behind why she wrote certain songs so we didn’t think that she’s an emotional basket case, her own words, lol.  Man, there are times in the set when I am so moved by the words coming out of the speakers and the emotion you feel in the room, her voice is so powerful, clear, concise and sounds so amazing. 
Tracks like Weekends and Spit on Girls are well loved by the audience but if you have never heard her version of Eminem’s Superman then you are missing out on something unique. The way she breaks it down and plays it on her guitar makes it practically her own but that wouldn’t be the only special treat tonight as Amy played for us a track called You Think I Think I Sound Like God. Amy said not to hold it against her as it was written early in her career but I think it easily fits into her current catalogue of songs and I feel special that I got to hear it tonight. Seeing her up on that stage I think to myself why, why, why Amy, are you just so chill.The set-list comes to close with the 2016 Hottest 100 2nd place getter Adore, and as the tune starts up it is a sign you just want to hold some-one in your arms and sway with them, stranger or friend, it matters not.  
I will never forget my introduction to Amy Shark, a Spotify link for Adore was sent to me by a girl I was seeing at the time saying this song is how I feel about you, sadly the girl is gone but the music has remained and tonight’s performance will forever be held as one of those ‘you had to be there for’ live music moments. To be in such an intimate venue, in the presence of such a great artist, to feel the emotion in the room, see the adulation on her face and witness the appreciation she has for her fans, to feel the raw emotion that comes from her songs, it was just astounding. Put simply, Amy Shark absolutely crushed it tonight.


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