Melbourne melodic metal quartet ENVENOMED have moved the goal posts yet again unleashing a Heavy Metal tribute to the iconic Skyhooks classic Horror Movie.

The sheer detail that has been taken in this cover is truly captivating, from the Hard Rockin’ musical re-composition of the song with Heavy riffing and soaring melodic vocals down to the original locations and costumes used to breathe new life into the classic track whilst tipping their hat to the original down to the tee.

Also featuring a special cameo in the clip from guitarist RED SYMONS himself, the lads in Envenomed really have covered all bases with this release.

Check it out as this video is a lot of Fun and shows that the boys in ENVENOMED are more than just your regular, run of the mill Metal band.

Envenomed’s latest EP Reckoning was released on February 5, 2016.

Envenomed’s next show will be on

Friday, August 26 @ The Cherry Bar, Melbourne


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