DREGG are back! The band who are NEVER backward in coming forward with putting society’s issues right in front of your nose and making you smell the hypocrisy – are today returning with their new single ‘Hyperbole’! The track will be available on Friday April 26 for purchase and streaming, with all details at https://www.dreggmusic.org

Christopher Mackertich, vocalist for the out-there-but-on-point outfit, wants the world to know about the song and that it’s their statement about who they are as a band. “The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘HYPERBOLE’ as ‘Exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally’. DREGG as a band, as a collective and as people… are exactly that.” 


f you aren’t familiar with DREGG – and you SHOULD be – DREGG are an anomalistic, thought provoking hardcore band hailing from Melbourne, Australia. The band is well known for their tongue-in-cheek take on the current state of the world whether it be politically, socially or spiritually. Charging stages dressed in war paint, masks and all sorts of outrageous outfits, the unstoppable force that is DREGG is here to stay until they have made the mark they intend on leaving on the world of music. 

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