Dinosaur Pile-Up are a band. ‘No shit’, you say, but to frontman Matt Bigland, they haven’t always felt like one. In fact, DPU as has been eight years, two albums and countless tours in the making. Now though, completed by drummer Mike Sheils and bassist Jim Cratchley, they’ve reached their final form – recording an album as a full band for the first time ever. An album that sees them go harder, faster and terrifyingly heavier than ever before.

Double Cross Records are thrilled to welcome the Leeds three-piece Dinosaur Pile-Up to the roster and are set to release their debut Australian release, Eleven Eleven on October 30. Sculpted by the expert hands of producer Tom Dalgety (Royal Blood) the crushing, jagged riffs of this third monster are the meat on the Dinosaur’s bones. If their career was a B-movie, then they just hit the scene where everyone starts running scared. Cities from here to the States are about to take a proper kicking.

First single 11:11 is a riff-tastic tune. Vocalist and guitarist Matt Bigland discuses the track “11:11 actually began as a riff that me, Mike (drums) and Jim (bass) were screwing around with one time just before heading out on tour. It kept on coming back, so eventually one day I sat down and wrote it, and I was like ‘shit… this is the start of the new record!!’ It was just so… BIG. It was really exciting…”

Watch the video for 11:11

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