Atlanta based cosmic punk rock band, Courage, Dear Heart, will release their debut album, The Future Was Now, on December 22nd. This much anticipated album takes punk to a quantum level relating the complexities of time, space, and metaphysics to our everyday experiences. It has even caught the attention of New York Times best-selling author, Eckhart Tolle. Lead vocalist Jon Ladd, formerly of 7-10 Split, encourages listeners who look deep into this album, “don’t just open your ears, but open your mind. Be ready for everything to change.”

The Future Was Now is also the first album produced by Terminus City Management, an up and coming management group that focuses on the growth of new and independent artists not only through recording and producing music, but also by helping them grow a community of fans through quality merchandise and creative marketing solutions.

Fans can hear “Shallowed Be Thy Name” here now.

A pre-release download of the album is available with purchase of limited edition Courage, Dear Heart tee shirt at TeeBlaster.


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