In the wake of their triumphant return with triple j high rotation single ‘Can’t Hide From What Hurts’, Australia’s favourite east coast trio Columbus today share an exceptional follow up – the gritty and driving new single ‘Out Of Time’.

Frontman Alex Moses explains the new release touches on anxiety and the concept of existence – something many know all too well, particularly in the current climate.

“’Out Of Time’ is a song I wrote about my experience with the persistent background static of worry that fills our heads, and often goes unnoticed. It’s so easy to feel an overwhelming sense of dread or helplessness towards situations in our lives, let alone towards a global pandemic disease. ‘Out Of Time’ is about my own personal realisation that worry and dread are shortening our lives, and we are all in fact – if we choose to be – running out of time.”

If early 2020 is any indicator, you’ll be hearing a lot more about your favourite power-trio this year.


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