The bitter with the sweet, the rain after the sunshine. Earnest Brisbane trio Columbus know what it is to love just as they know what it is to lose, and they lay themselves bare for the world to see on their charmingly evocative debut album, Spring Forever, set for release on August 26 via UNFD. And as the days get warmer and the Daffodils start to bloom, Columbus will take Spring Forever on tour in October.

Spring Forever will be heralded in by “Raindrop”, a song about love, relationships and how a single event can tear it all down, leaving nothing but fond memories, regrets and the realisation that nothing lasts forever.

“It’s an album about love, getting older and coming to terms with losing someone at a time when you’re still learning things about yourself,” says guitarist & vocalist Alex Moses. “As I was writing the album, the references to seasons came very naturally – I sometimes feel like I have to fight through the cold, the winter and the hard times to get to the Spring.

“And Spring to me is a time when you can lie down next to someone staring into their eyes, smiling, complacent that everything will be okay.”


Spring Forever is available for pre-order via 24Hundred and iTunes.

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