Brisbane’s elite melodic death and groove metal specialists, Chronolyth will release their new album Atrophy this Friday, April 29. The follow up to their widely received debut album Sovereign (2013) Atrophy sees the band push the boundaries of whats possible within their chosen form of metal sub genre.

Watch March Of The Forsaken

Atrophy showcases super tight musicianship that fuses savage riffery and complex melodies into a molten piece of modern metal. Clean, guttural and gang vocals juxtapose and also compliment each other as they weave around solid slabs of groove and soar high above intricate harmony lines that are found in all the right places. Monstrous drumming and powerful production fill all remaining gaps on the record and leave the listener with no chance of escape but also a feeling of power and liberation.

Atrophy is now available for pre order!
Album bundles via Nerve Gas with a great range of merch options are now available from

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