Buried In Verona have today released the third single from their forthcoming album Vultures Above, Lions Below which is out on August 7 via UNFD. ‘Hurricane’ stays true to the album’s theme, focusing on moving forward and leaving the past behind.

“This song is about moving on no matter what,” says guitarist Richie Newman. “No matter what the past has done, grit your teeth and do what you have to do to live your dreams or just be happy.”

In the lead up to the release of this song, Buried In Verona wanted to embrace their fans and encourage them to be a part of the new album by joining with them in order to let go of whatever they need to, to move on in life and welcome positivity. They asked fans to submit a piece of negativity anonymously via their website which they printed out each evening and live-streamed every day for a week.

These who contributed can now see what Buried In Verona did to support their fans in the new video for ‘Hurricane.’ Drummer James Swanson says about this collaboration: “A huge thank you, and a huge amount of respect to everyone who checked out our campaign and submitted a piece of negativity this week over at buriedinverona.com that they wished to let go of. It’s a very personal and powerful thing to do, and even though it was anonymous, it was not something taken lightly when we saw those comments come through, ” Swanson says. “This is really the essence of what this new album represents; a chance to let go and close a chapter of negativity, and begin to move away from feeling like you’re held back or weighed down. Everything you want to achieve and accomplish is truly possible.”

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