As we emerge from isolation, we all have our different stories to tell. For twice Grammy nominated Bring Me The Horizon this has been a time to reflect, create and record.

Lockdown triggered a writing process that began to align and merge the boundaries between isolation and the virus. They found a way to continue to write where it felt like front-man Oli Sykes and fellow band member Jordan Fish were in the room together. Through a series of video calls and remote recording, they drew inspiration from the situation and thus emerged new single, Parasite Eve.

Oli says on the track, Parasite Eve came from an idea to write a survival horror song, but as the pandemic started to develop, the parallels were so similar it felt so close to the bone we decided to shelve it. As time went on, we started to feel how relevant it was and that instead of shying from it, that we should address the dark side, embrace it and process what’s going on… Parasite Eve is our message of hope, wrapped in sadness and anger.”

Acutely aware of how unique a time they were living through the band set about documenting their entire new writing, recording and release process, which they are rolling out via a series of YouTube shorts.  This unique video series invites fans and the curious into the world they created during the pandemic. 

The first track, Parasite Eve, is from a series of EPs they will drop over the coming months.


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