After what has felt like a lifetime for the band, and through times where they felt it would never see the light of day, Melbourne post-hardcore outfit Belle Haven are proud to finally be able to share their sophomore album You, Me And Everything In Between with the world. The album is now available to purchase HERE.

“The story of all the nightmares leading up to the birthing of You, Me And Everything In Between. began in 2015. Vocalist David Vernon shared stories of being taken advantage of by creatives and professionals alike, how the band was worried this album would never see the light of day, and how they edged quite close to the brink of collapse. The release of You, Me And Everything In Between. stands both as a cathartic expression of emotion, and a statement of purpose for what the future holds for the Belle Haven family.


This coming Sunday 18th June, the band has announced they’ll be holding a BBQ and acoustic performance in Melbourne’s treasury gardens to celebrate the release of You, Me And Everything In Between, as well as thanking their Melbourne family for giving them their first sold out show.


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