Before Their Eyes will be releasing their new album “Midwest Modesty” onDecember 18, 2015 via InVogue Records. The band launched a new single off of the album titled “It’s Dark Inside With You” that you can listen to here.

The band also launched the pre-orders via MerchNOW.

The album is co-written & produced by Craig Owens (Chiodos, Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, Cinematic Sunrise) and engineered by Nick Ingram.

Vocalist Nick Moore says, “This album was a blast to put together. It was just a group of friends in the middle of nowhere Ohio writing an honest record with a lot of emotion / heart put into it. I’ve been friends with Craig for 10+ years and Nick did our last album so I knew it would be the perfect combo to make something timeless that I would be proud of.”

Before Their Eyes Midwest Modesty

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