ANOREXIA ISAN, the Venezuelan rock band formed by John Bustamante, Ricardo Aumaitre, Marcial Robaina and Jean Luis Rojas, keep themselves releasing material with a common taste: social explicit themes.

Since the release of their most recent LP THE SAD ALBUM, which is a trip through manic depression looking for redemption (which features LINDSAY MCDOUGALL from FRENZAL RHOMB, and EUGE VALOVIRTA from the metal band CYHRA.

The band have an upcoming new EP which will be titled RECYBELIA and have been sharing material with a common point: videos which cover polemic themes of a global society, with a rock, punk, metal and post-hardcore soundtrack.

The video for their song A MORNING OVERTURE goes through something which looks like the daily basis of a girl with suicidal thoughts, their most recent video entitled WORDS tries to be a reminder of the Columbine Shootings.

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