Theory of A Deadman released their sixth record Wake Up Call last year and whilst the band have huge success overseas playing alongside some of alternative rocks biggest names, it would seem Australian audiences just aren’t that familiar with the Canadian four piece. Well that is about to change as for their latest single Rx (Medicate) has garnered air time on commercial radio and now the band have finally hit our shores for their first ever visit in support of the new album. Sydney is the first stop on the tour and I along with quite a few others have braved the cold and hit up the Manning Bar for what I am sure is going to be one hell of a rock show.      

When the house light go dim the band head on out and the crowd begin to cheer. Now if you are a long-time fan of the band then you might be on the fence about the new sound, I for one am a fan of their old and new stuff and I was left wondering just what the set list might be like for their first ever visit and straight out the gate they hit us up with some of that older Theory work with Lowlife, they wasted no time getting us all singing and clapping along on the next track Bitch Came Back.   

Front man Tyler Connolly had all the charisma and charm tonight as he stood tall up there on the Manning Bar stage, the crowd lapping up every bit of engagement they had with him. Guitarist Dave Brenner does his part and pulled out some moves and drummer Joey Dandeneau had his time to shine with a sweet drum solo, but all the attention was focused on Tyler as he would throughout the set be in part stand-up comedian which isn’t his true strength lol, but it is refreshing to see a band as big as these guys are overseas come all this way and not take themselves too seriously.  Tyler truly shined in the rock department as he switched between his instruments, guitar on some tracks and keys on the other and he wowed with his vocal prowess and no track emphasized this more than the impressive cover of Chris Isaac’s Wicked Game it sounded even more dark and brooding under the musicianship of Theory of a Deadman quite a special treat indeed. 

The band have written a lot of songs over the years and tonight we would have probably loved to have the band play all of them for us but they did do an impressive job of delivering hits from across their sixteen-year career. Not Meant to Be, Santa Monica, a track frontman Tyler confessed is the favourite song ever written by the band, and finally the band finish off the main set with a huge crowd singalong anthem in Hate My Life. The crowd would stamp and clap for more and more, we got opening with Rx (Medicate) the huge hit from the latest album and we got all excited as they played Guns and Roses Paradise City and with our loudest singing voices we belted out the first verse but it was all a ruse to lead us into the big finale Bad Girlfriend.

Theory of A Deadman are one hell of a rock band at the top of their game, everyone in the room had a good time tonight. I have seen these guys play shows on YouTube and the crowds are huge, don’t miss out on your chance to see them right here right now in Australia in a venue near you. 

Review – Chad

Photo Gallery – Christian Ross




Theory Australian Tour Dates 2018

Friday 22nd June SYDNEY, Manning Bar

Saturday 23rd June BRISBANE, Woolly Mammoth

Sunday 24th June PERTH, Amplifier Bar

Tuesday 26th June MELBOURNE, Prince Bandroom


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