DANGERFORK PRINT CO. is proud to present ‘OUTTA TUNE,’ an exhibition featuring a series of Australia’s most exciting visual artists. Delve into a world of top-quality screen printed gig posters at this one night only Collingwood exhibition. October’s ‘Outta Tune‘ exhibition features Andy Murphy,Ben BrownCallum PrestonCeleste Potter, Steve Cohen and more, collaborating with Dangerfork to present some stunning original prints. 



Gig posters have always presented an exciting interplay of popular culture, typography, illustration, and print techniques. Hand-printed posters are more valuable and popular than ever; the hand-printed process lending honesty, rawness, soul and character. This technique is popular with artists of all genres.



What better way to celebrate band and movie posters, such an adored medium, than with fictitious bands inspired by the very best of pop culture Imagined bands from the silver screen will catapult us into outer space to vibe the local cantina. They’ll project us back to the 70’s to catch The Carpenters supporting the infamous Ziggy Stardust. Then we’ll hop in the Dolorian and wing our way back to feel the honky tonk power of The Soggy Bottom Brothers. These gigs don’t exist in our world, but in another realm. Confuzzled? Come see for yourself.

A Celebration of The Artistry Of Gig Posters and The Craftsmanship of Screen Printing.


Friday October 27

From 6pm

27-29 Johnston St, Collingwood

Live sets from Eaten by Dogs and Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene

Sponsored by Melbourne Bitter, Sailor Jerry, Levi’s and Redbank




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