Asbury Park, NJ indie rock trio LATEWAVES will release PARTIED OUT, their debut EP on September 22 via Panic State Records. FACE DOWN is the first song being released from the EP.


Vocalist Mike Pelligrino says, “The concept of the video being a grim reaper and a ghost palling around town was very fitting for our song “Face Down.” The song kind of encompasses a period in my life that most people can relate to; feeling lost and without a sense of purpose. And the song resolves with a sense of comfort that as long as you keep your head up and not worry about other people’s opinions, you can make your own way just fine.


The comic nature of the characters just happened naturally which I’m happy about because we really don’t wanna take ourselves too seriously in the end. We’re just people playing rock and roll. And I think people will understand the irony of a story of a grim reaper and a ghost having a happy ending.”


Pre-orders are available here:


Upcoming shows

September 15 – Scranton, PA at Electric City Music Conference 
September 25- New York, NY Gold Sounds (with CityCop / Pine / The Worst Humans) 
October 13- Asbury Park, NY Asbury Park Brewery 
(w/ Tranquility / The Flats / America Part Two 
November 4- Jersey City, NJ White Eagle Hall 
(w/ Trophy Scars, Will Wood and the Tapeworms)

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