NICOLE MILLAR returns to the spotlight today with new single BLINDFOLDED, and it’s out of sight!   Built on sultry synth beats and Nicole’s tantalising vocals, ‘Blindfolded’ delivers a pure electro-pop escape just in time for summer.


Blindfolded’ showcases Millar’s song writing prowess, as she allows her lyrics to take centre stage. It is her most personal song to date, and reads like a page ripped from her diary. “I find it really hard to trust people as most men in my life have let me down,” she reveals candidly. “This song definitely draws on that. The feeling that someone isn’t being completely honest and they’re hiding something from you.”

“The second verse reflects my side of the story, where I’m overthinking it and scared I’ll lose him,” she confides. “Showing all of yourself to someone can be very scary and make you feel vulnerable. But, if you don’t share your secrets, how can you ever change? I’ve learnt from experience.”

Blindfolded offers the first glimpse of her long-awaited debut album.


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