Gather round, gather round and join this preacher and his misfits as this theatrical emo/rock/punk outfit, Wolf & Chain, present their 5-track, debut EP ‘An Honest Mistake’

Since debuting in March, the band have released ‘Repent’ (released March 13) and the title-track of the EP, ‘An Honest Mistake’ (released May 1). 

These two explosive singles explored the horror/ thriller theme about the preacher (the antagonist) and his cult-like followers. They set the scene for the narrative that is told through the EP, but only scratched the surface with what the band had to offer.

Amongst their fast-pacedhigh-gained emo-rock riffs, they incorporate massive hardcore breakdownsstring arrangements, upbeat stabs on the piano and Spanish acoustic guitar.

Front-man, Jack Cumes explains the moral and theme behind this story of the preacher:

“The narrative serves as a cautionary tale; how good and honest intentions can be manipulated by yourself and the world around you, turning you into the villain. Despite the bullshit, it’s important not to become a product of that hate and misery. It can consume you and destroy you if you let it.”

Wolf & Chain · An Honest Mistake

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