We had a chat with Brett & Luke the men behind the beards at 2 Beards. They are about to head out on an excellent adventure across America tasting brews and showing off their beards. All whilst documenting their bearded journey and helping to raise awareness for Heart Kids Australia charity.


1. Firstly can you tell us what 2 Beards represents and how you can up with the idea?

2Beards was an idea we had when we first started planning our trip, we were drinking beer at our local on ping pong night and decided that
basically the best way to remember all the adventures we go on was to photoblog the entire adventure. It has basically grown from there. The next stage of 2Beards will be to open it up to all bearded travellers, see what adventures the beards get them selves into, have other guys blog there trips. So if you have a beard and your on a trip send us your pictures!! We wanna see beards all over the world

2. Why do you think beards have become popular?

Breads are life. Beards are love.

3. What are the advantages/disadvantages to having a beard?

Beards only have advantages, heres a few –
-Throughout history, beards have conferred prestige
-For many of the careers that matter, beards are practically a prerequisite
-bearded men are more attractive. This has been proved by science
-In times of crisis people always flock to the beard

and basically its Warmth, Fuzziness, its like a blanket on your face.

4. Any grooming tips for Beards?

Luke – I’ve never groomed my beard

Brett – Wash it with water daily and use a beard shampoo or a super mild shampoo at least one a week. Get a beard comb, the Bearded Gents Combs are awesome (https://www.facebook.com/thebeardedgentscombs) or any large tooth comb and comb it. Beard oils and balms are your friend

5. You are about to embark on a American road trip. Can you tell us where you are headed and what you’ll be getting up to?

From June 2015 till July 2015 we plan on taking our worldly beards on an epic journey, a journey that will cross lands and test our humanly bodies to extreme measures . This colossus adventure will take two mates, one little car and a great deal of facial hair on a beer tasting extravaganza of northern America, from NYC to LA.


6. How do you think Aussie beards will compare to American beards?
We have Ned Kelly, pretty sure that means we win doesn’t it?

7. Do the 2 Beards boys have a favourite beer?
Beer is the best thing ever!!
On tap we smash mainly Fifty lashes, coopers pale ale, 4 pines kolsch.
We try a heap of other beers all the time, if you use Untappd add us

8. Will this roadtrip have a soundtrack? What music are the 2 Beards boys digging at the moment?

Luke – a soundtrack? i have no idea. poppunk playing erryday

Brett – Luke pretty much lives on playing blink everyday, so I’m sure it will bel tons of poppunk. Lately iv been listening to heaps of Bane, Have Heart, This is Hell and Comeback Kid so hopefullywe can sneak in a bunch of that.

9. Are there any American foods you are looking forward to having to go with your many beers?

Luke – Wings. So many Wings.

Brett – i have put hours of studying shows like Man Vs Food, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and The best thing i ever ate hahah, I’m ready to gain at least 15kgs

10. Any advice for guys out there currently thinking of growing a beard?
Keep going, The middle hesitation time is the hardest but you have to push through. it will stop being itchy within a couple of weeks. Grooming is your best friend, and find a decent barber to trim it.


11. 2 Beards are strong supporters of Heart Kids. Can you tell us about that and how people can get involved?

Brett – My niece Matilda was born with a loud heart murmur that was heard whist in hospital with pneumonia when she was 6 months old. Over the following years after seeing many doctors and enduring many tests she was diagnosed as having a coronary artery fistula. In Matilda’s case, she has a large (1.5cm in diameter) blood vessel that has formed between her coronary artery and her right atrium. Over the short 4 years of her life this has caused blood to recirculate within the heart and overwork, enlarging some of her heart chambers, and caused the left side of her chest to protrude. The prevalence of her condition is less than 0.025%, so very rare. This condition is not usually diagnosed until later in life when symptoms start to present, but lucky (or unlucky) enough, hers was picked up earlier.
Matilda recently underwent surgical repair of her CHD via a catheter procedure that plugged up her little extra artery within her heart. Whilst being in hospital and in the lead up to her procedure, Heart Kids were a pillar of strength to my sister and her husband providing an abundant amount of support and information. Whilst we feel lucky that Matilda has walked away from her condition relatively unscathed compared to thousands of other children across Australia, we feel its important that we share her unique story to help advocate Heart Kids and the amazing work they do. It is with this awareness and fundraising that Heart Kids can continue supporting the children and families and hopefully save so many beautiful innocent children.
For this reason we here at 2Beards have committed ourselves by helping to fundraise for Heart Kids Australia which in turn will help support those children and families who suffer from this condition.
Our fundraising Campaign finishes up in July, and we are pretty proud to say we have raised almost $2500 so far to help these kids out. You too can help out and jump onto our fundraising website www.mycause.com.au/page/90886/2beardsforheartkids , every dollar counts to try and give these kids the life they deserve

12. Lastly how can people stay up to date with all of your adventures?

You can follow our trip via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/2beardsau , Instagram https://instagram.com/2_beards_/ and our blog at www.2-beards.com


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