Underoath has unleashed their sweeping new album Voyeurist.

Voyeurist marks the first time in Underoath’s storied career that they took the recording process completely into their own hands with help of engineer JJ Revel. The result is the most collaborative and ambitious album of their career, anchored in a profound respect for each other and a mission to leave no stone unturned creatively.

The band refers to Voyeurist as “high-def violence” – technologically advanced, but undeniably visceral. Conceptuallythe 10 songs that comprise Voyeurist have several interrelated meanings, each tying back to the concepts of technology and how we curate ourselves through social media, and how that facade masks the majority of the authentic experience and connection we have in life.

The album is a cohesive listening experience with enough layers to provide fans with a fresh take and a new favourite track on every spin. Leading up to the album release, fans have been able to discover clips of new songs in exchange for granting camera access through the albums interactive website, voyeurist.io. The band gave fans a chance to experience Voyuerist live before its release with their recent Digital Ghost streaming concert – a full album performance that served as a spiritual successor to their laudedUnderoath: Observatory livestream event from 2020.

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