Australian punk act UNDER THE INFLUENCE (UTI) has released their new single ‘Gone’, available now on all digital platforms. 

‘Gone’ holds a very special place in the guys’ hearts, dealing with the epidemic of mental health and losing someone close. You can hear angst and anguish in the song, but it is still a razor-sharp frenzied punk song riddled with emotion despite the dark topic.

‘’When you lose someone close to you, it’s not easy. Mental health is so important. Self-medication through alcohol and drugs can lead you down a slippery slope of mental and physical decay, maybe until it’s too late. This track is about mental health issues, substance abuse and the death of friends and loved ones. Please take care of yourself and look out for those around you. This song is dedicated to the life of Pete Domio. Rest In Peace Pete.’’ – Under the Influence (UTI)

Listen/buy ‘Gone’HERE.

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