After the recent announcement of Tremonti’s third album, out April 29 , the band are stoked to release a lyric video for the title track and lead single ‘Dust’. The lyric video contains imagery from both Cauterize and Dust albums as the backdrop behind the moving lyrics.

“Dust is about how it feels to watch a close friend close confidence in you,” describes Mark Tremonti.Dust was recorded during the same sessions as the band’s last release, Cauterize and features Mark Tremonti on vocals/guitars, Eric Friedman on guitars, Wolfgang Van Halen on bass and Garrett Whitlock on drums.

Watch the ‘Dust’ lyric video

From the first riffs of album opener ‘My Last Mistake’ to the final notes of the closer ‘Unable To See’, these ten new tracks continue to showcase Mark’s hard rock/heavy metal influences alongside the material from Cauterize. Songs like ‘Once Dead’, ‘Betray Me’ and ‘Rising Storm’ hold their own place as weapons in Tremonti’s musical arsenal.

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