Trade Wind is now premiering “Grey Light”, from the band’s debut full-length You Make Everything Disappear. The album will be released on July 15 via UNFD. The song was co-produced with guitarist Tyler Ross of Being As An Ocean, and can be heard now.

You Make Everything Disappear is a stunning release from start to finish – the kind of album that holds a certain kind of depth and maturity throughout, where each note, breath and word carries a sense of purpose and carries its own sonic weight. The album evokes a distinct blend of melancholy and despair, through cascading soundscapes of dark, brooding guitar and intense driving rhythms balanced by refreshing, delicate touches of minimalist piano work, acoustic guitar and soaring airy falsettos woven throughout. Vocalist Jesse Barnett showcases his range with a welcome mix of breathy harmonies and intense emotional shouts. You Make Everything Disappear lyrically explores the raw frustration and desperation in wanting to – and needing to – move on, but not quite being ready or knowing how to do so, resulting in an internal struggle and feeling of being ‘caught in the in between’, so to speak.

Pre-orders for You Make Everything Disappear are available now at 24 Hundred.

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