After tearing 2015 a new one with their universally praised EP Figurine, Tired Lion finally return today with highly anticipated new music in the form of huge new single, ‘Not My Friends.’

Featuring searing guitar licks, thunderous drumming, thicker than blood bass lines and Sophie Hopes’ inimitable vocals, the track replicates the perfect formula of grunge gritty versus big hook pretty we’ve come to expect from the rising Perth four-piece, while also honing the anthemic quality of their songwriting that has quickly established them as one of Australia’s most popular new rock acts.

The song also stands as one of Hopes’ most emotionally raw and open writing efforts, as she explains it was inspired by a period in her life where she felt she lost her identity and attached herself to negative influencers.

“I have never been inclined to go to extreme lengths to ‘fit in’ but at this time in my life I was so desperate to latch on to anything that made me feel like it was worth existing,” she says.

“I eventually cut my losses, dropped the toxic people who appeared to be so pleasant to my face and moved on into a direction I chose for myself. I’m a lot happier being the outsider these days and I guess this was the song that justified the change.”

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