THE RAMSHACKLE ARMY, the 6-piece Celtic punk from Melbourne, have just released their new single ‘Rise and Fall’ on all digital platforms. 

‘Rise and Fall’ is the first single off THE RAMSHACKLE ARMY’s upcoming  Highflyer EP. It is anthemic in its approach as it seeks to blend catchy fiddle and mandolin lines with harmonised singalong choruses. The driving rhythm section and muted guitar lines maintain the pace for this up-tempo track which lyrically attempts to tackle the sentiment of life’s fair share of struggles and victories. 

THE RAMSHACKLE ARMY has built quite a name for themselves, having toured the US multiple times and played with some of Australia’s biggest international punk acts. Fans of The TossersDropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly will love THE RAMSHACKLE ARMY. 

Listen/buy to‘Rise and Fall’HERE

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